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These packages are full-service! We do everything you need to have custom designed, custom written, massive websites all with our extremely powerful Admin Panel and our powerful Directory Listing Service.


New Website Professional Package



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This Package is Powerful: Expect to see increased website traffic as soon as 45 days after your website is activated.  Remember more traffic should equal more sales.     See Client Results Here 

We do all the work including purchasing the domain names, setting up the hosting accounts, installing the software, showing you template designs for your approval, coding the website, fitting the website to its custom Admin Panel, having our professional copywriters create your content, and make it live for you. Your new website will be massive, one page for every geo-targeted keyword which is usually more than 1000 pages.  After your website is live, we'll ensure that Google likes these pages, submit your sitemaps to Google so they can index your website, and create directory listings for your website in up to 50 of the top online sources, including, Bing, MerchantCircle, YellowPages, etc.  Just let us know the design you want us to model and we'll create great content as part of this project. Our native English professional copywriters know your industry and will create content for you (up to 800 words/template), which is guaranteed to be readable and pass  Copyscape  checks. This is included with the service at no extra cost.

You can buy this New Professional Website Package for any business or industry, anytime.

All we need from you are these 5 items:

  1. The link to a webpage you want your new Stimulus Media Professional Website to emulate
  2. Whether we are allowed to use the content from that website for your new template
  3. Whether we are allowed to use the images from that website for your new template
  4. Whether we are allowed to use the logo from that website for your new template
  5. Your desired domain name(s) if you have a preference. Check here for availability.

We will create anything we can't use from the list above to finish your Template.

Domain Name, Hosting, Admin Panel, amd Professional Copywriting are all included. The domain name and hosting must be renewed annually. 

This is a complete done-for-you package so your website can attract and interest visitors resulting in more sales.

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TurboCharge Your Current Website



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See the Video: Turbocharge My Website While Keeping My Current Design

We will modernize your website while preserving your time-tested look & feel. So you can rely on the same triggers that you've built over time to convert your traffic into buyers or clients without having to start over with a new website design. We added this option because some of our clients' customers wanted to keep the same look and feel of their website to which they were accustomed. Since Google is very serious about modern websites ranking higher,  this option creates a win-win-win situation for Google, you the website owner, and your customers!

We'll do all the work on our own server so you'll get to test and approve everything before going live.  We'll guide you through your new Admin Panel so you'll know how it works. Then we will help you point your domain name at your new website and the transition will be instant and seamless. Visitors on your website at the time of the switch will probably not even notice that it happened as they continue browsing your pages.

First-Year Hosting is included, and the annual fee thereafter is just $150/year.

This is a complete done-for-you package so your website can impress Google, and you can get more rank, sales inquiries, and sales.

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As an option with a nominal fee, we can expand your website to reach many more searchers by adding one webpage for geo-targeted keyword. Typically 250-2000 webpages are added depending on the number of these geo-targeted keywords.  There is a significant volume discount on the number of pages you purchase.  This option can be added after we start your website conversion. Contact us for prices. 

We stongly recommend this option as it will bring significantly more visitors to your website.  Remember, MORE VISITORS = MORE SALES = MORE PROFIT + A HIGHER ROI ! 

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